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Climbing Frame Assembly

Climbing Frame Assembly

Large outdoor climbing frames are never pre-assembled and having seen the amount of pieces you may now be wondering if you need help. As a minimum, to move this job along swiftly you will need a good cordless screwdriver. You will also need lots a patience, a fair amount of time and ideally a flat surface to start the build.

As with all flat pack assembly there are a lot of pieces, but climbing/swing centres always seem to have above average and all with very specific pieces. We are happy to have a helping pair of hands on this if you are available as this may require a 'holder' at certain points.

Even having someone to collate all of the pieces into specific part numbers can help with this job.


Your SW London Handyman:-

  • Will have the necessary tools for the job
  • Has flatpack assembly experience
  • Is friendly
  • Can carry out this job in mild rain
  • May like a cup of tea on long cold days
  • May need a second pair of hands (we can provide if necessary)
  • Will guarantee their work
  • Will issue a pdf receipt for the work
How Long

How Long?

FThis will vary depending on size and number of parts but it wouldn't be unusual for a full flatpack kit to take a day.

How Much

How Much

This job is charged by time.

Handy Extras

Handy Extras

  • We can also fit water butts
  • Did you know we can fit washing machines?
  • We can change light bulbs
  • We can re-felt shed roofs
  • We can reseal baths and showers
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Handy Booking

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Handy Payment

Handy Payment

  • Payment accepted by cash or cheque
  • You simply pay your Handyman once the job is complete, and he will email you a pdf receipt from his Smartphone – simple, with no pieces of paper to look after
  • For our Commercial clients, we can arrange an invoice for you by prior agreement
100% Guarantee

We guarantee our work

If for any reason you are not satisfied we will keep coming back until you are.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Peace of mind from a brand you can trust.