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Replace Bath screen

Replace Bath screen

Leaking bath screens can cause long term damage to the surrounding area and possibly to unseen areas such as joists. Over time limescale can build up on the glass and seals detracting from what would otherwise be an attractive bathroom. Maybe you currently have a curtain that gets left hanging outside of the bath or just not pulled across. A new, professionally fitted bath screen will give you a watertight seal as well as aesthetically enhancing your bathroom.

Given the vast choice of bath screens, your SW London Handyman would prefer that you purchased this as it’s an aesthetic choice as well as functional. Advice can be given on selection – overall for folding screens it is recommend to spend a little more to prevent leaks at the joints.


Your SW London Handyman:-

  • Will arrive with the tools to do the work including tile drills, wall plugs and screws
  • Will bring silicon to seal the shower screen – please let your SW London handyman know if you would prefer white, clear or any other colour
  • Will supply all parts if you would prefer e.g. for landlords and commercial premises
  • Will guarantee their work
  • Is fully insured
  • Will issue a PDF Receipt
How Long

How Long?

1-2 hours

  • On average, fitting a shower screen takes between 1 and 2 hours which includes removing the old screen and remaining silicon, drilling the holes, assembling the new, marking out and fitting the new and applying any silicon where necessary including behind the mounting bar (if specified in instructions).
Handy Extras

Handy Extras

  • Reseal your bath and sink with new silicon to give a new fresh look to your bathroom
  • Give advice and possibly fit a new extractor fan to remove stale and humid air
  • Paint your bathroom ceiling with a fresh new coat of white mould resistant bathroom paint
  • Change your shower hose and shower head
  • Change your rail riser that the shower head fits into
  • Fit a new soap holder
  • Upgrade your shower to a digital shower
Book Online

Handy Booking

  • You can contact your chosen Handyman directly via phone or email.
  • Email the SW London Handyman booking office.
  • Call the booking office directly 0208 191 7378
  • Fill in the General Enquiry form on the Contact page.
Handy Payment

Handy Payment

  • Payment accepted by cash or cheque
  • You simply pay your Handyman once the job is complete, and he will email you a pdf receipt from his Smartphone – simple, with no pieces of paper to look after
  • For our Commercial clients, we can arrange an invoice for you by prior agreement
100% Guarantee

We guarantee our work

If for any reason you are not satisfied we will keep coming back until you are.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Peace of mind from a brand you can trust.