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Could this be you?

Could this be you?
Who are we looking for?

A SW London Handyman can come from a variety of backgrounds; below are a couple of examples of where you might be right now and where you are looking to get to. In both cases, aside from the technical ability, we are looking for personable people who have great interpersonal skills, are very reliable and conscientious, have excellent problem solving skills with the ability to communicate and execute solutions.

You will be service orientated-wanting to provide an excellent service from beginning to end. You are able to carry out most of the jobs shown on our website and probably more, but not necessarily all. We don't expect everyone to be a master of all trades. We all have a trade or two that we love and excel at and probably one we enjoy less. Don't worry, we have others in the group who have these as their first choice.

The career changer

You have spent a number of years or your whole career in a totally different profession or career. You are either looking for a change or redundancy/industry changes have forced this change upon you. You have had years of experience on your own homes carrying out most of the work yourself with hands on learning. The likelihood is that friends and family have asked you to do the odd job for them because of your skill and knowledge but now you are looking to take this to a professional level. We are looking for people who have taken their skill base beyond some basic DIY, you have challenged yourself on multiple projects with successful outcomes.

In the Trade already and looking to move into self employment

You are already working for a trade company and you are thinking about self employment. It’s a big step with a lot of unknowns, large set up costs with long lead times and ongoing contractually binding financial commitments. Do you spend months setting yourself up with no guarantee that you will have any success, or do you give yourself and those around you some peace of mind and come and join a successful and growing team?

You know you have the skills to go it alone but are looking for the business support and knowledge to be truly great at what you do.

In the Trade Already

You have already gone it alone, either just started, growing or even running a successful business - BUT you are tired and find that you are not able to deliver the level of service that you want to.

You have all of the manual skills and some or all of the business skills. You work all day doing what you enjoy most which is the skilled side of the job, but then when you get home you have to return calls from voicemails left on your landline and mobile, some from a few days ago. After you have had a bite to eat you spend the remainder of your evenings putting together quotes that were due a few weeks ago and reply to your growing inbox.

Then comes the other aspect of running your business - 'back office administration'. This includes such things as marketing plans, website building, and other IT related tasks, building your brand, ordering business cards and a host of other ad hoc and regular duties.

When you go away on holiday you never really get away because you don't have anyone to answer the phone or reply to your emails, there are times when you have to take a morning off but equally don't want to let a good customer down - wouldn't it be good to be able to get someone you trust to take on this one job for you, to not lose your customer to your competitor and go to your appointment or take your children to school...

What's more, with all of this organisation you become a lot more productive. We wouldn't be surprised if you earned more than you did previously.

Don't worry, you will have control and are not an employee. You are self employed and as such will take care of your own tax affairs and still enjoy the other benefits that self employment brings but use our systems, broad marketing campaigns that are financially beyond a one man band and also benefit from back office staff. There is no doubt you will be much happier giving that great customer service that you want to provide and will enjoy having more free time outside of work.


Regardless of your entry background we are a team and as such are only as strong as our weakest link. Our success as a group depends on everyone delivering a high level of service from first contact, carrying out the work, delivering the receipt and any follow up for this or future work.

You will have a desire to give great service along with guarantees for your work.

If this sounds like you we would like to hear from you. Please send us a copy of your current CV to

Please Note That Unfortunately The Bookings Team are Unable to Accept Telephone Applications.

In summary:

We want to hear from you if you are able to:

  • Deliver great customer service
  • Do a great job
  • Guarantee your work

and you want to

  • Enjoy a strong income, commensurate with the service and work that you carry out
  • Have a life outside of work
  • Be able to go away on holiday and have someone answer your phone

and you want to benefit from

  • IT infrastructure
  • Knowledge sharing with other like minded people
  • Far reaching and co-ordinated marketing campaigns
  • Meetings to chat about new industry developments and to see what other new tools your peers are using
  • Support whilst on the job